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Burdened with expectations since childhood, second-year high schooler Jo “Jay” Ja Hyun feels obligated to aim for the top through his studies. Despite obtaining the title of student president at Taeyang High, he continues to study diligently, giving him little time to befriend others. However, possessing an exceptional talent for biking with a technique that astonishes other experienced bikers, there is more to him than meets the eye.

One afternoon, while Jay is skidding his bike at high speed, he catches the interest of his classmate, Yoon Min Woo. Amazed by his unparalleled biking skill, Min Woo is quick to recruit him to his biking crew, but Jay coldly rejects the offer. With a determination to show Jay the fun of riding with others, Min Woo proposes a simple deal—to race against a member of his team, promising to leave him alone if he wins